With automation and new technologies, skills gaps are becoming more apparent. Half of all employees around the world will need reskilling by 2025, according to the World Economic Forum’s Upskilling for Shared Prosperity’ report.

In these shifting times, the need for employees to be trained with the proper skill sets to overcome obstacles, meet company objectives and be prepared for what comes next is becoming increasingly pressing.

Over 75% of executives agree that the COVID-19 crisis will create significant new opportunities for business growth.

– McKinsey

The AllCampus portfolio of programs features career-focused education that’s relevant today and for the workplace of the future. Our solution helps you:

Arm employees with in-demand skills.

Our in-network university partners provide exceptional education, hands-on learning activities and real-world problem solving scenarios. So whether you represent an engineering firm or a healthcare organization, you can rest assured that the competencies your employees will cultivate in these programs will help take them – and your business – to the next level.

Increase innovation with new knowledge.

  • Our university partners and faculty members have been recognized for their innovative approaches to education, and their faculty use these strategies in their teaching.
  • Many of our programs examine creativity and innovation as it applies to their discipline.
  • The concepts students learn enable them to bring fresh ideas and solutions back to work.

Improve efficiencies and lower costs.

Making sure business operations are run as effectively as possible is an important focus for your organization. Through advanced training, your employees strengthen their critical thinking skills and learn ways to be more productive. Efficiency is taught in many of the programs we represent.

Almost one third of workers in the United States have “few or no digital skills.”

– National Skills Coalition