Your clients trust you to deliver the best solutions for their employees. Let us help you exceed their expectations with a user-friendly education benefits platform that will attract top talent and support employee development.

The AllCampus Workplace Platform is a full-service hub where employees can browse and enroll in higher education opportunities. We provide concierge-level support to employees, manage a network of top-quality university partners, offer preferred tuition and supply insightful program analytics that show the impact of employer-provided education benefits. Your clients save time and money all while delivering a better employee experience.

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Your Education Experts

For more than a decade, AllCampus has cultivated longstanding partnerships with top-tier universities and colleges across the United States, giving us unique insights into what makes a great program.

Today we collaborate with more than 500 programs at over 30 universities, which includes more than 20 of the top-50 institutions in the United States. Our partner programs consist of bachelor’s and master’s degrees as well as for-credit and non-credit certificates.

We take great care in selecting our university partners. That means your clients can be assured their employees are receiving an education that’s both high quality and provides a high ROI.

We know the education landscape — let us be your expert partner. Contact us for more information.

In this competitive job market, employees want more than just a paycheck — they want an employer who invests in their professional growth. A Gallup poll found that 65% of workers believe employer-provided upskilling is very important when evaluating a potential new job. In fact, 94% of employees are more likely to stay with their company if they are given learning opportunities.

According to a LinkedIn survey

Benefits for Your Organization

  • Expand your offerings and increase stickiness. By providing a broad range of education services, you can build stronger relationships with your existing clients and expand your customer base.
  • Grow your revenue without raising prices. Our platform enables you to offer more benefits to your clients and ultimately generate more revenue, all with no additional cost to them.
  • Seamlessly integrate with your existing tech. The Workforce Education Platform can be easily added to your own solutions or platforms and also white-labeled and customized for each client.
  • Stay competitive in the market: Our platform helps you meet the increasing demand for education benefits among employees, positioning your organization as a leading provider.
  • Let us do the work for you. Our team manages the entire process of vetting schools, arranging partnerships and integrating the degree options into the Workforce Education Platform.

Benefits for Your Clients

  • Enhanced experience. Our platform improves the user experience for employees and ensures that the education benefits deliver the intended impact for the company.
  • Robust reporting capabilities. Easy-access updates on budget spend, academic progress and reimbursement requests reduces the burden on HR staff and streamlines payroll processes.
  • Personalized support. Your clients will be paired with a dedicated account manager who can answer questions and ensure the program is running smoothly.
  • Low-cost tuition pricing. We negotiate the best possible rates with our partner universities so that your clients’ funds go further. Plus, we handle all tuition assistance administration and adjudication.
  • Curated, high-quality program offerings. We take the guesswork out of program selection by thoroughly evaluating each education option before it’s added to our catalog.

Benefits for Their Employees

  • Affordable and debt-free degree options. We secure preferred pricing of up to 60% off tuition, helping tuition reimbursement funds go further.
  • An intuitive, user-friendly interface. We provide easy-to-navigate comparison tools where employees can filter according to their needs and easily see stats such as pricing and time to complete.
  • Streamlined, transparent processes. The all-in-one platform makes it easy to submit benefit requests and see real-time status updates.
  • Comprehensive support from real people. Employees have direct access to an education benefits advisor who can answer their questions and ensure successful outcomes.

This page is a snapshot of what we can offer benefits providers like you. The best way to truly see what we can offer you and your clients is to contact us. Our team is ready to answer your questions.